Vayishlach 5778-2017

“The Tragic Death of Mother Rachel”

While the Torah does not provide a single reason for the Matriarch Rachel passing away at the young age of 36, the commentators suggest a host of answers for her tragic premature demise.

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Toledot 5777-2016

“The Exceptional Power of Prayer”

A powerful lesson regarding the immense power of prayer is taught when Isaac and Rebecca pray for a child and G-d responds affirmatively, with the births of Esau and Jacob.

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Toledot 5776-2015

"Rebecca Inquires of G-d"

The Torah reports that Rebecca seeks an answer for her terrible pains of pregnancy by inquiring of G-d. Who does Rebecca seek and what does she find?

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Vayeitzei 5769-2008

"Leah, the Fourth Matriarch"

Our matriarch, Leah, bears six of Jacob's twelve sons, and is nevertheless depicted as "s'nu'ah," (literally "hated"). Leah, is a complex figure who earns the title "matriarch" and in some ways, outshines her favored sister, Rachel.

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