Eikev 5774-2014

“No Reason to Glory!”

In parashat Eikev, the Torah warns the People of Israel not to glory in the success of their battles or their economic success. It is a most relevant message for contemporary times.

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Noah 5773-2012

"The Power of Unity"

Why was the generation of the flood punished more harshly than those who built the Tower of Babel?

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Shoftim 5772-2012

“The Haughty Heart”

Despite his unchallenged right to honor, the Israelite king is instructed by the Torah to never be haughty. The rabbis and commentators have much to say about hubris and self-aggrandizement regarding the common person as well.

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Shemini 5771-2011

“The Death of Aaron’s Sons: The Midrashic Perspective”

The Midrash labors, at great length, to develop a context for the great tragedy that befell Aaron’s family on the “eighth day.”

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Chukat 5770-2010

"And from Mattanah to Nahaliel"

After a series of battles and confrontations with hostile nations, the Torah, in parashat Chukat, records a lyrical but esoteric poem concerning the well of Miriam. The Talmud sees this poem as far more than a record of the historical itinerary of the people's travels in the wilderness. It is, in fact, a vital lesson of ethics and educational philosophy.

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Korach 5768-2008

"Datan and Abiram: The Protagonists"

Datan and Abiram, two members of the tribe of Reuben, are caught up in the rebellion of Korach and are swallowed along with Korach when the earth opens. The Midrash sees Datan and Abiram as the paradigm of effrontery, rebellion, and brazenness, the ultimate ingrates who devote their lives to undermining Moses and the authority of G-d.

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Eikev 5764-2004

"Battling the Contemporary Abominations"

Referring to idolatry, the Torah in Deuteronomy 7:26 states: "You shall not bring an abomination into your home. You shall surely loathe it and you shall surely abominate it, for it is something bad." It is fallacious to think that there is no idolatry today. While the debate rages concerning the impact of television on children and home life, internet and violent video games have been added to the mix. There is no question whether these "idolatries" are impacting on our homes and schools. The only question is: How much? Society today is facing a battle for its survival and the survival of our children's souls. We must aggressively do battle with these abundant evils that are rapidly chipping away at our morality and our humanity.

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