Naso 5775-2015

“The Fine Nuances of Jealousy”

Even negative attributes, such as jealousy, have their redeeming moments.

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Kee Teitzei 5773-2013

"The ‘Mitzvah’ of Divorce, Revisited"

While stability in family life is a much hoped-for ideal, Judaism was remarkably ahead of its time in understanding that an unhappy husband or wife can sometimes not be reconciled, and that marriages must, at times, be terminated.

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Emor 5772-2012

"Lessons from a Priest’s Wanton Daughter"

The bad habits that we see some of our children developing may not be due to the children’s own personal shortcomings, but rather a result of the failure of proper parental nurturing. The only way for the priests, parents, and children to become sanctified and remain sanctified is for parents to serve as sanctified examples for their children and their families.

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Mikeitz 5772-2011

"Joseph Takes His Brother Simeon Hostage"

Joseph’s decision to take Simeon hostage was not at all coincidental. Why was Simeon singled out from among all Joseph’s brethren? When analyzing this episode in depth, the commentators reveal that many subliminal issues were in play.

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