There is no one (or thing) like God, and, when all is said and done, this is the essence of everything that a Jew says and does. Only God can create the world. Only God can be master of the world. Only God can rule and judge the world. And only God can bring salvation to the world.

This is the essence of Ein Keh’lo’hay’nu one of the most popular prayers recited on Shabbat. (Sephardim include this prayer in their daily service as well).

Ein keh’lo’hay’nu, ein kah’doh’nay’nu, ein k’mal’kay’nu, ein k’mo’shee’aynu.
Mee keh’lo’hay’nu, mee kah’doh’nay’nu, mee k’mal’kay’nu, mee k’mo’shee’aynu.
Nodeh leh’lo’hay’nu, nodeh lah’doh’nay’nu, nodeh le’mal’kay’nu, nodeh l’mo’shee’aynu.
Baruch Eh’lo’hay’nu, baruch Ah’doh’nay’nu, baruch Mal’kay’nu, baruch Mo’shee’aynu.
Atah Hoo Eh’lo’hay’nu, Atah Hoo Ah’doh’nay’nu, Atah Hoo Mal’kay’nu, Atah Hoo Mo’shee’aynu.
Atah Hoo sheh’hik’teeru avotaynu, lifanecha et ketoret hasamim.

There is none like our God, there is none like our Lord, there is none like our King, there is none like our Saviour.
Who is like our God, who is like our Lord, who is like our King, who is like our Saviour.
Let us thank our God, let us thank our Lord, let us thank our King, let us thank our Saviour.
Blessed be our God, blessed be our Lord, blessed be our King, blessed be our Saviour.
You are our God, You are our Lord, You are our King, You are our Saviour.
You are the one before whom our fathers offered the spice offering.