Spirituality at your Fingertips

The Spirituality at Your Fingertips series provides you with a concise, uplifting and meaningful explanation of Shabbat rituals and practice. It is hoped that the guides will help you learn about essential Shabbat practices, enabling you to experience the beauty of Shabbat in your own home.

Welcoming Shabbat: A Guide to Shabbat Candle Lighting

Here is a great way to take a bit of the Shabbat experience and make it your own. Bring some of the radiance and spirituality of Shabbat into your home each Friday by learning about and lighting Shabbat candles. Our Guide will provide you with inspiration and illumination to welcome Shabbat with candlelight. Your Friday nights will never be the same.

Candle Lighting Spirituality Guide

Sanctifying Shabbat: A Guide to Kiddush and Ha’mo’tzee

Learn why we drink wine as part of Kiddush and recite the Hamotzee blessing and eat Challah each Shabbat. In this comprehensive overview, you’ll discover the reasons behind these Shabbat practices, the significance of the underlying laws and customs.

Kiddush and Hamotzee

Enjoying Shabbat: A Guide to the Shabbat Meals

Ever wonder what makes the three meals of Shabbat so special? Could it be the special foods, the songs that are sung, the invited guests and the special practices and blessings at the end of the meal? You’ll find out after reading this wonderful description of the Shabbat meals.

The Shabbat Meal Spirituality Guide

Leaving Shabbat: A Guide To Havdalah and the Post-Shabbat Experience

Shabbat ends when the sun has fully set on Saturday night, but Jewish tradition carries the holiness into week. In this guide, you will find everything from a detailed guide of the Havdalah ceremony to introductions to unique aspects specific to Saturday night.