The Jewish Sabbath has been called an “oasis in time.” This heavenly gift, “Divine Therapy,” if you will, is a unique opportunity for spiritual and psychological renewal that comes every week, and it’s free! Contemporary observers often speak of the need for “quality time.” Shabbat teaches that there cannot be quality time without quantity time. Shabbat is indeed an idea whose time has come. As we enter the 21st century, the world has never needed Shabbat more. Our society desperately needs time to catch its breath, to look inward, not outward, to be introspective. We need an opportunity to hug our children, look our spouses in the eye, and engage in true communication, without constant interruptions of telephones, radios, videos and computer games. For all our valued technological advancements (walkmen, beepers, cellular phones, Internet, satellite dishes, etc)  our ability to communicate has greatly diminished. In fact, studies indicate that the average American parent speaks with his/her children no more than 12 minutes a day and watches television 49 hours a week! We, and our families, need “sacred time.” Shabbat provides just that, and much more. It has been said, “More than the Jews have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jews.” It is an elixir of life. It is G-d’s greatest gift to human-kind. Embrace it! Savor a taste of the world to come.

NJOP is proud to be able to offer you a selection of informative educational resources for Shabbat. Choose the Shabbat guide that matches your interest level:

Introductory (most printer friendly)

The Shabbat Across America and Canada At Home booklet is the perfect guide for the Friday night meal, providing a short explanation and a helpful how-to for each component of the Friday night meal.


Jewish Treats Complete Guide to Shabbat is the perfect resource on the Day of Rest. This eBook includes a little bit of everything: From how to light the Shabbat candles, the secrets of braided challah, the songs of the Sabbath and much more.


The  “Spirituality at Your Fingertips”  series provides you with a concise, uplifting and meaningful explanation of Shabbat rituals and practice. It is hoped that the guides will help you learn about essential Shabbat practices, enabling you to experience the beauty of Shabbat in your own home. The four guides are: “Welcoming Shabbat: A Guide to Shabbat Candle Lighting,” “Sanctifying Shabbat: A Guide to Kiddush and Ha’mo’tzee,” “Enjoying Shabbat: A Guide to the Shabbat Meals,” and “Leaving Shabbat: A Guide to Havdalah and the Post-Shabbat Experience.”

You can also learn more about NJOP’s Shabbat programs, the Shabbat Beginners Service and Shabbat Across America/Canada, on their respective pages.