Sanctify Memorial Day


As Shavuot 5775 coincides with Memorial Day Weekend 2015, the tradition of reciting the Yizkor service on Shavuot presents Jews across America with the unique opportunity to offer a special memorial for those valiant Americans, including many Jews, who served in the US armed forces, and gave their lives for our country.

Over 200 synagogues across the United States have joined in partnership with NJOP and the Aleph Institute to use the sanctity of Shavuot to enhance the solemnity of Memorial Day. NJOP has provided each of our registered locations with materials concerning Shavuot, Memorial Day and Yizkor, as well as a list of Jewish soldiers who have died since 9/11 while serving our country.

This Shavuot, as we celebrate receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, let us all take a few moments to respectfully remember those who gave their lives so that all Americans can be free.

For a list of registered locations, please click here.


If you are a rabbi or synagogue lay leader and want to learn how to sign up your congregation for our Shavuot/Memorial Day initiative, click here.