Shofar Service

“…it shall be declared a holiday for you, a day of sounding a teruah for you”
(Numbers 29:1).

Teruah is the word for one of the sounds of the shofar.

Check with the local synagogue if there will be a special shofar sounding for people who miss it in the morning.

Have someone blow the shofar for him/her privately.

There are three types of shofar blasts:

Tekiah – the long, solid blast.

Shevarim – the three medium-length blasts

Teruah – the 9 quick blasts

Tekiah Gedolah

The elongated, solid note that is blown as the last blast of the shofar service. The regular tekiah is a note of joy – the tekiah gedolah is a triumphant shout that reaches out to the hearts of all to assure them that their prayers have been heard.