Chanukah Essentials

“Oh Chanukah, O’ Chanukah, come light the menorah….” It is time again for glowing menorahs, spinning dreidels, delicious latkes (potato pancakes) and deep fried sufganiot (jelly donuts). On Chanukah, Jewish families around the world gather together in their homes and light the Chanukah candles.

Here are some wonderful NJOP resources for you to learn more about this festive Jewish holiday:


1. Grab the eBook. Download a free copy of Jewish Treats Complete Guide to Chanukah, NJOP’s holiday eBook that makes the customs and traditions associated with Chanukah both accessible and meaningful. Discover how gelt became gifts, the history of the enduring dreidel game and how to properly light the your Chanukah menorah. You will also find recipes, fascinating facts and lots of family fun.



2. Hear from an expert. Let Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Founder and Director of NJOP, take you through the essential elements of Chanukah with his collection of entertaining YouTube videos focused on the holiday. You can find them here


3. Learn to light. Remembering how to light the menorah each year can sometimes be a challenge. We have made it easy with our menorah lighting how-to poster and our candle lighting prayers and songs all on one sheet for your to print out and keep near where you light.



4. Read up on it. Connect with the significance of the holiday by learning more about it through Jewish Treats Chanukah Archive. Click here to be directed to NJOP’s Jewish Treats blog.


5. Fry it up. Because of the significance of oil in the miracle of Chanukah, it has become customary to partake of foods fried in oil during the holiday. Click here for some delicious recipes for you to fry up this Chanukah.


6. Get Creative. Visit Jewish Treats’ Chanukah Pinterest board for decorating ideas, holiday recipes and more!


7. Remember A Modern Day Miracle. Relive the miraculous 1976 Operation Entebbe which was carried out by a group referred to by former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin as the “Modern Day Maccabees.” Click here to watch the uplifting story.