Passover Across America


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The Passover seder is the most popular Jewish holidays among American Jews. In fact, a 2014 Pew Research study found that more American Jews attend a Passover seder than fast on Yom Kippur or light Shabbat candles. While the ways people host a seder vary, the study found it common practice to display a traditional seder plate with symbolic foods on the seder table, read from the Haggadah (the book that includes the story of Passover), recite the Ma Nishtana (the “Four Questions”) and for children to search for the afikoman at the end of the Passover meal.

NJOP’s annual Passover Across America is a no-knowledge-of-Hebrew-necessary seder hosted in synagogues and Hillels around the country, designed for those who want to learn more about the meaning behind the Passover seder. The NJOP sponsored seders include explanations of the seder rituals and traditions – including the festive Passover meal – with the songs and tunes you may remember and some you may be hearing for the first time.

Passover Across America brings together families, couples and singles to relive the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. No matter if you attend one or two Passover seders each year, have not attended a seder in a while, or have never experienced a traditional Passover seder, everyone is welcome.

We hope you’ll join us at this year’s Passover Across America.

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