Hebrew Reading Crash Course Bonus Class

Welcome to NJOP’s Bonus Class for Read Hebrew America’s Hebrew Reading Crash Courses!

We’ve put together a list of more than 100 Hebrew words and phrases that every Jew should know. We hope you’ll enjoy this selection of words that includes both popular Israeli phrases and terms found in everyday (and holiday) Jewish life. Each word includes the Hebrew word itself, transliteration and audio recording (so you’ll be sure to pronounce it correctly) as well as a translation or explanation of the word or phrase. We hope you enjoy learning these new words and you’ll continue to keep building your Hebrew vocabulary outside of your Hebrew classes.

But that’s not all! Many of these words are linked to short, juicy bits of Judaism, from JewishTreats.org that will help you gain even more insight into Jewish items, holidays and rituals.
בהצלחה B’Hatzlacha (best wishes for success)!

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