Hebrew Reading Crash Courses

Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level 1
Participants in the free Hebrew Reading Crash Course will learn to read Hebrew in five, 1 and 1/2 hour weekly sessions. Designed for Jews with little or no background in Hebrew, it concentrates on teaching the Hebrew alphabet and reading skills. Each participant will receive a free copy of NJOP’s Reishith Binah Hebrew primer.

Access the Hebrew Reading Crash Course Bonus Class

Level II Hebrew Reading Crash Course
This free follow-up course enables participants to strengthen their Hebrew reading skills for increased fluency. Participants read (and even sing) passages in the text and develop their reading comprehension by learning to identify prefixes, suffixes and root words. Participants will also learn approximately 100 new vocabulary words. Each participant will receive a Level II student text.

One Day Review
Designed to help participants brush up on their Hebrew letter recognition skills prior to starting a Level II class, the One Day Review can be completed in a few hours. It’s a refresher course which reinforces knowledge of letters, vowels, words, phrases and prayers.

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While our Hebrew programs are run throughout the year, the largest number of classes can be found during the fall, as part of our Read Hebrew America and Canada campaign. For more information about Read Hebrew America and Canada click here.

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