The seventh day of Passover, which begins tonight, recalls the splitting of the Sea of Reeds and the Shira (Song of Crossing the Sea), which is tomorrow’s Torah reading. We will read Shir Hashirim on Shabbat. In honor of the beginning of the final festival days of Passover tonight, light candles just before sunset and recite kiddush (blessing over the wine) before dinner.

To better appreciate tomorrow’s Torah reading and the underlying message of faith that is manifest in the Shira, the song sung by Moses and the Jewish people after God’s splitting of the Sea of Reeds, enjoy this uplifting and enlightening analysis entitled “The שִׁירָה — Shira: The Source of All Song” (Revised and updated from B’shalach 5760-2000) from Rabbi Buchwald’s Torah Message that was offered for Parashat B’shalach. Out of respect for the Sabbath and Yom Tov, please consider printing it on Thursday afternoon if you plan to read it on Shabbat.