Sukkot Across America

There is no question that Sukkot is one of the most joyous and fun-filled holidays found in the Jewish calendar. Unfortunately, many unaffiliated and marginally affiliated Jews in your community have never experienced this joy, since they have never been invited to join the celebration.

NJOP would like to invite you to apply to participate in Sukkot Across America 2019. Simply agree to run a free and exciting program in your Sukkah on October 16, 17, 18 (prior to sunset) or 20 (prior to sunset), the non-Shabbat days of Chol Hamoed Sukkot that will appeal to the wider Jewish community. If your application is accepted, NJOP will offer you up to $500 towards promotional expenses.  Up to eighty locations will be selected.

The goal of Sukkot Across America is to have synagogues, Jewish centers and outreach programs across the country open their sukkot to the general Jewish community and, hopefully, inspire the visitors to become more engaged in Jewish life. At each of these specially chosen sukkah locations, participants will be invited to shake a lulav and etrog, enjoy some refreshments and perhaps some music and rejoice on this happiest of Jewish holidays.

How can you spend the $500?

The stipend can only be used to promote or enhance your Sukkot program and/or to enable you to reach more people who may not otherwise experience the festival of Sukkot. NJOP wants you to upgrade your program or augment your advertising with the stipend.  Serving pizza or having a BBQ instead of chips and punch would be an improvement we can support. Using the stipend to hire a musician, magician or other forms of entertainment which could draw more people would also be an improvement we could support. Spending the money on advertising (Facebook ads or, if effective, local media), would be acceptable as well.  We are eager to hear from applicants how they plan to use the stipend to draw more people.

Requirements to join NJOP’s Sukkot Across America program

You agree to:

-Run an exciting, free and educational Sukkot program in your Sukkah during the intermediate days of Sukkot.

-Use the supplied NJOP and Sukkot Across America logos in all of your advertising.

-Supply NJOP with the names and contact information for those who attend.

-Hang up NJOP posters in your Sukkah.

-Take pictures and share with NJOP and, if possible, over social media.

-Write a comprehensive report about the event after it occurs.

-Supply NJOP with a confirmed date and time that you will begin offering one or more of NJOP’s Hebrew reading classes as part of our Read Hebrew America and Canada campaign (your application cannot be considered without this).

-Supply NJOP with the pertinent receipts and invoices to facilitate reimbursement.

How can you apply?

For your location to apply for Sukkot Across America 2019, click here. Notification begins August 22, 2019. 

In order for your application to be accepted, you will need to be registered to offer one of NJOP’s acclaimed Hebrew reading programs (the Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level I, Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level II, the One Day Review or the Hebrew Writing Crash Course). Click here to sign up for your Hebrew course or call 1-800-44-HEBRE(W) to speak to your Regional Program Coordinator to learn more.

Criteria for Acceptance

First and foremost, we seek a clear description of your strategy (as part of the application form) how to reach out to marginally affiliated membership and unaffiliated Jews in your community. Included in this will be your plan to promote this program broadly so as to engage Jews in your community; your plan and ‘wow factor’ for your Sukkah program; your strategy how to draw these people back to other programs. NJOP welcomes locations with no previous affiliation with NJOP to apply!

In addition to evaluating the program you plan on running, NJOP may also weigh your past successful participation in NJOP’s Sukkot Across America initiative, or having created programs that reached out to the broader Jewish community, or, if applicable, past successful participation in other NJOP programs and campaigns with tangible results.

We will consider applications as they come in. The later your application arrives, the chance that we will have already awarded all the stipends will increase.

We look forward to considering your application!


If you have any questions, please contact NJOP’s Program Director Rabbi Elly Krimsky at 646-871-0021 or