Shabbat Beginners Service



To Help a Jew Pray

Designed specifically for the novice worshiper, this free explanatory prayer service is conducted in both Hebrew and English, and provides a comfortable non-judgmental venue for those with little synagogue experience to participate in traditional synagogue services.

Discussions, questions and curiosities are encouraged in this “unorthodox, traditional” service, which has been praised for its widespread appeal and congenial approach to synagogue education.

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Now there’s a complete line of educational materials to help you start a Beginners Service in your community.

Learn to conduct a Beginners Service from Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald. The Beginners Service has proven to be a most effective tool in bringing the unaffiliated into the synagogue and ultimately into Jewish life. From recruitment through follow-up, plus all the details you need to run the service, the materials that will help you start and run a Beginners Service of your own are now available. All the materials have been pre-tested at Lincoln Square Synagogue and at dozens of synagogues throughout the USA. They are designed to give you the information you need to succeed at one of the most exciting and innovative programs in Jewish outreach.

The Leader’s Guide: An attractively bound, step-by-step guide to starting and conducting a Beginners Service, complete with illustrations, outlines, outreach strategies and sample materials. It will take you through a Shabbat Service from start through Kiddush. $20 – Buy

The Instructional Videotape: A 35-minute video narrated by Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald and designed to teach you to be an effective leader and how to conduct the Shabbat Service. Segments of a Beginners Service (filmed on a weekday) are used as examples. $10 Buy

The Full Shabbat Service Videotape: This 3-hour-long tape allows you to watch a complete Beginners Service (filmed on a weekday) from start to finish. You will see how each prayer and discussion situation is handled by Rabbi Buchwald, minute by minute. You will, in effect, become a participant in a Beginners Service. $10 Buy

The Full Shabbat Service Audio Cassette: Hear a complete Beginners Service Learn the nusach and the songs and hear the instructions the leader gives to the group. This audio cassette will help you master the leader’s part. Call for more information.

Beginners Service Posters: A series of posters to provide instruction and information during the Beginners Service.
3 “Prayer Structure” posters (23″ x 35″)/$9 Buy
1 “Kiddush” poster (23″ x 35″)/ $3 Buy
1 “Bracha Acharona” poster (23″ x 35″)/ 3 Buy

Decorative Posters: Two beautiful full-color posters on a Teshuva theme and a Shabbat theme. Perfect for decorating the Beginners Service room.
“Teshuva” poster (23″ x 35″) $10 Buy
“Shabbat” poster (23″ x 35″) $10 Buy

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Buy the full “To Help a Jew Pray” set including Leader’s Guide, both videotapes, audio cassette, and all the posters plus a handsome carrying case for just $75. Buy
Regular value: $116