A-La-Carte Menu Card

A Great Blueprint for Follow-Up

How to use the A-La-Carte Menu Cards

1. Once registration for the program is complete, personalize the A-La-Carte Menu Cards for each participant by inserting their names on a card (one name per card). If seating is assigned, fill in table numbers as well.

2. Assign “Meet and Greet” role to one or two members of the planning committee and have them distribute cards to participants as they arrive, or place cards in an alphabetized list and direct arriving participants to take their cards.

3. During the meal, explain that the Menu Cards are a selection of programs/initiatives that the synagogue/Jewish center might offer, depending on demand, and ask participants to fold down the tabs for the programs which interest them.

4. Collect the cards and give them to the appropriate follow-up coordinator (Rabbi, Program Director, etc.) to process as follows:

5. After SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA/CANADA, count the number of participants who responded to each tab. If possible, record the names of those interested in each program in your database so that they may be contacted if/when the program is offered.

6. Contact us about potential follow-up programs. NJOP will provide you with free teacher’s guides, class materials, and promotional tools.

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