Shabbat Across America and Canada



Shabbat Across America and Canada will take place on Friday night, February 28, 2020.

The original unity Shabbat program, Shabbat Across America and Canada connects synagogues and Jewish centers across the continent through one program run on the same Friday night. Focused around a special Shabbat meal and an explanatory service, Shabbat Across America and Canada was designed as the perfect opportunity to create a Shabbat event above and beyond the norm, when participating locations can open their doors and invite the local Jewish community in addition to their current membership.

Once your synagogue or Jewish center has registered, you will have become part of the biggest, boldest continent-wide event unifying Jewish communities across North America. NJOP offers everything you need: a complete program guide, publicity material, posters and more! And it is all free of charge!

Add your congregation/organization’s name to the hundreds of others that will be participating in this extraordinary event!

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Sample Materials:

A-La-Carte Card

Supplemental Programming Materials

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Take the Shabbat Across America and Canada unity challenge and organize a CommUNITY Shabbat Across America and Canada. The CommUNITY initiative requires multiple organizations in one city to work together to create a local unified Shabbat Across America and Canada Friday night program. For more information on arranging a CommUNITY event, please contact Rabbi Elly Krimsky, NJOP Program Director, at – 646.871.0021. (To learn more about how the Stamford, CT community’s CommUNITY Shabbat Across America and Canada went in 2015, click here to read a write up in The Jewish Week.)