Passover Programs

Here are several excellent programming options for you to offer in your community leading up to Passover as well as on the holiday itself.

The Passover Across America Communal Outreach Seder enables locations to offer an actual hands-on, explanatory seder to Jews of limited religious background, helping participants develop a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the seder’s customs and rituals. If you are planning to run a Communal Outreach Seder this year and would like to apply to receive one of our $1,000 grants, visit our Passover Across America page to learn how.

The Model Seder offers leaders the opportunity to demonstrate how to conduct a real seder. A step-by-step Leader’s Guide and DVD are provided free of charge to each location.

The Hebrew Reading Crash Course is the perfect way to start the Passover season. Imagine the students’ delight when they are able to read the Haggadah at their Passover seder. And for your more advanced students, try NJOP’s Level II Mah Nishtana module.

The Passover Workshop is a Passover education program. Jews today have far more than four questions and NJOP’s Passover Workshop starts the process of answering some of those questions through an interactive experience.

NJOP’s Beginners Haggadah includes concise commentary and provocative questions to inspire further thought, as well as proposed answers. The Haggadah has English, Hebrew and user-friendly translations and transliteration.



Click here to have us contact you about running any of our Passover programs or call 1-800-44-Hebrew.


*Passover Across America was inspired by Sam Domb and dedicated by Paul J. Taubman in memory of his father, Joseph L. Taubman.