Passover Across America Communal Outreach Seder

This innovative national initiative is designed to help individuals and families, especially those with limited Jewish educational backgrounds, to experience an authentic Passover Seder for the first time and to develop a deeper understanding of, and an appreciation for, the Seder’s customs and rituals. Based on NJOP’s highly successful “Shabbat Across America” program, the Communal Outreach Seder is part of the overall “Passover Across America” program and will enable individuals and families from all walks of life to participate in festive, traditional Passover Seders that are hands-on, and explanatory.

NJOP can provide each location with its specially designed “Passover Seder Guide.” This Guide provides rabbis or specially trained lay people with a concise outline and insightful suggestions on how to lead an engaging and enjoyable communal seder. In addition, locations may order NJOP’s acclaimed Beginner’s Haggadah, that includes a concise commentary and numerous provocative questions and proposed answers to inspire further thought. The Haggadah is primarily in English, except for certain sections that are recited aloud, which are presented in Hebrew with user-friendly translations and transliterations.

“Our intention is that synagogue members will invite their friends, colleagues, and neighbors who have never experienced an authentic traditional Seder to join in these communal events,” says Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Director of NJOP. “In the early part of the Passover Seder, we announce, ‘Let all who are hungry come and eat.’ With these same words we at NJOP invite all Jews who hunger for spiritual enrichment, to join us this year and taste the richness of Jewish traditions.”

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