High Holiday Prayer Workshop

The High Holiday Prayer Workshop (HHPW) is designed for those who seek meaning in a service they find difficult to relate to and hard to understand. Based on the Abridged Beginners Service, the Prayer Workshop takes a more in-depth look at some of the basic prayers of the High Holiday Services to help participants understand why these specific prayers were composed and included in the liturgy.

The Prayer Workshop consists of a Leader’s Guide as well as Participant’s Pages. Both components contain an introduction to the prayers and the words of the prayers, and, most importantly, questions that enable participants to delve more deeply into the meanings of the prayers. In addition to these elements, the Leader’s Guide also contains proposed answers prepared by the NJOP staff.

The High Holiday Prayer Workshop contains discussion material for selected prayers from both Rosh Hashana (Shofar Service, Torah Reading, Avinu Malkeinu and U’netah’ne Tokef) and Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre, Thirteen Attributes of G-d, Vidui, The Book of Jonah and Kee Anu Amecha).

Sample Flyer

Sample Participants Pages

Sample Leader’s Guide

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