Crash Course in Jewish History

Bring them in out of the cold!

Give your neighbors and members a sense of Jewish identity by offering NJOP’s Crash Course in Jewish History (CCJH). Show them how they are an integral part of Jewish history. Empower them with a working knowledge of who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

Whether you offer the class in a spacious living room, over lattes at a coffee bar or with dessert in your synagogue/Jewish center’s social hall, NJOP’s CCJH is the perfect opportunity to make Jewish history matter!

Four thousand years of Jewish history condensed into a five week lecture series, NJOP’s Crash Course in Jewish History is a survey that covers the history of the Jews from Abraham to Ariel (Sharon).

All the materials are provided free of charge, so go ahead and send out the invitations for a vibrant exploration of Jewish history that will inspire participants to mold a Jewish future.

Five Sessions:

1. Biblical Times

Jews go down to Egypt | The Exodus | Jews in the Wilderness | Jews enter Canaan | Jewish Commonwealth

    1. 2. United Kingdom to Exile and Diaspora

Period of the Two Kingdoms | The Babylonian Exile | The Second Temple Period | Rome | The Gaonic Period

    1. 3. The Jewish Epicenter Moves West

The Rishonim | The Golden Age of Spain | Anti-Semitism | The Spanish Inquisition | Post Expulsion | Protestant Revolution | Rise of the Chassidic Movement | Jews in the New World

    1. 4. Enlightenment to WWI

Enlightenment and its Impact | Emancipation | The end of the 19th Century | Turn of the 20th Century | WWI

    1. 5. Holocaust and Renewal: 1933 – Present

Jewish Life in America | WWII-The Holocaust | Rebirth | The Founding of the State of Israel | The Era of Israel