Chanukah Across America

Win $500 or $100 Prizes this Chanukah by Sharing Your Jewish Pride!

Chanukah Across America, NJOP’s Chanukah campaign, is geared both to synagogues and Jewish organizations, as well as Jews across North America and beyond, to promote Jewish pride and observance through the festival of Chanukah. Chanukah Across America is sponsored by long-time NJOP supporter Mrs. Sylvia Freyer and the Freyer Family Foundation, and was inspired by, and initially underwritten by NJOP supporter, Mr. Sam Domb.

A unique component of the festival of Chanukah is the Jewish notion of Pirsumei Nisa, Aramaic for ‘publicizing the miracle.’ We fulfill this component of Chanukah by kindling Chanukah lights and proudly displaying them, letting our fellow Jews know about the great miracles and our pride in them.

Individual Participation in Chanukah Across America:

The centerpiece of this year’s Chanukah Across America will be the #TBChanukah Challenge, Participants worldwide will be asked to share photos of past Chanukah candle lightings and/or anything Chanukah-related via social media and then challenges them to nominate their friends to also share Chanukah photos from yesteryear. Sharing current photos of Chanukah engagement will be a plus!


Partner Participation (synagogues, Jewish organizations) in Chanukah Across America:

NJOP welcomes all synagogues and Jewish organizations to participate institutionally in Chanukah Across America. Individual participants at your event can win a $100 Amazon Gift Card and partner locations that participate can be eligible to win a $500 cash prize.

Participating locations will encourage those in attendance to participate in #TBChanukah. The synagogue/Jewish organization can itself participate by posting their own photos from previous Chanukah events.

• NJOP has produced “I lit” stickers to be given out at your event, to promote Jewish Pride through Chanukah. Just as Americans proudly wore “I voted” stickers at the recent election, we encourage Jews to wear our stickers when participating in Chanukah programs and share photos wearing the sticker via social media. Ten individuals who post photos of themselves on social media and tag NJOP’s social media platforms on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, while wearing the sticker during Chanukah will be entered into a raffle to win one of ten available $100 Amazon gift cards.


• The first ten locations to sign up for Chanukah Across America will have an added bonus: one of the those individuals attending your event who shares photos of the sticker on NJOP’s social media platforms will be eligible to win an Amazon $100 gift card by the end of the event. The event organizer will select one of those who posted at the event and NJOP will send that individual a card!

•  NJOP will publicize the details of your Chanukah program on its website and through its robust social media presence.

• NJOP will make available programmatic educational material for your use, ranging from NJOP’s Chanukah Workshop, and two additional great, engaging educational program options to use as part of your event.

• NJOP will award four, $500 grants to four partners for their Chanukah programs that stand out for their creativity, impact, educational engagement and reach. To be eligible, participating locations will also be expected to register for NJOP’s Shabbat Across America and Canada campaign (March 1, 2019), and use NJOP and Chanukah Across America signage at their program. In addition, a brief email detailing the success of the event will be needed in order to evaluate the event. Event reports must be delivered to NJOP by Wednesday, December 19, 2018.


NJOP will award the four $500 prizes using the following criteria:

• The program must take place during Chanukah (Sunday, December 2, 2018 at dusk through and including Monday, December 10th at dusk).

• The educational content of your Chanukah Across America program.

• Overall reach of the #TBChanukah social media campaign associated with your synagogue/Jewish center. Note: While the number of people engaged is important, we also seek the engagement of those who, absent this social media campaign, may not have otherwise celebrated Chanukah.

• Distribution of, and use of, the NJOP “I lit” stickers at your event and the degree to which those attending post photos of themselves wearing the stickers on social media.The decision in awarding of the grant will be made by NJOP staff members shortly after Chanukah. Winners will be notified and listed via NJOP’s social media platforms.


Fill out the application form for Chanukah Across America HERE.