Chanukah Across America

Chanukah Across America challenges synagogues and Jewish organizations to help engage as many Jews as possible to experience the joyous festival of Chanukah, focusing on the twin Chanukah components of chinuch and pirsumei nisa. Chanukah, which shares a Hebrew root with the word chinuch – Hebrew for Jewish education – celebrates the mandate and responsibility of Jewish education.  Pirsumei Nisa, Aramaic for ‘publicizing the miracle,’ is part and parcel of the mitzvah to both kindle Chanukah lights and to proudly display them, letting our fellow Jews know about the great miracles and our pride in them. Both increasing Jewish education and promoting Jewish pride and the Divine miracles to which we owe our existence is exactly what NJOP has been doing for over 30 years. Thanks to the inspiration and sponsorship of NJOP supporter Mr. Sam Domb, we are able to empower you, our partners, to spread the Chanukah spirit far and wide.

The Chanukah Across America challenge enables NJOP and its partners to work together to share the light, salvation and hope that is reflected in the Chanukah miracle. NJOP will award a prize of $1,000 each to four synagogues and/or Jewish organizations based on a combination of the following criteria: the program that stands out for its creativity, impact, and educational engagement and reaches the most people on Tuesday night, December 19th. Participating locations will also be expected to register for NJOP’s Shabbat Across America and Canada campaign and to provide NJOP with a roster of participants in their program, including contact information.


NJOP will award the four $1,000 prizes using the following criteria:

In addition to possibly winning a $1,000 prize, Chanukah Across America offers participating locations:

To be considered, you must complete the application below. You will be notified of your acceptance into Chanukah Across America. 


Fill out the form indicating your detailed plan for engaging a significant number of Jews in the festival of Chanukah on Tuesday evening, December 19th. NJOP will send you a confirmation of receipt of your application. Applications are currently being accepted. Notification begins November 7, 2017.

  1. Share posts, photos and/or videos during your program on social media while using the #ChanukahAcrossAmerica hashtag and tagging NJOP’s social media accounts (you will be provided with links prior to the event). Doing so will allow NJOP to help share your good work with NJOP’s own large social media audience.
  2. In order to be eligible, applicants must register and run NJOP’s Shabbat Across America and Canada campaign that is scheduled for Friday night, March 9, 2018. You may register here.

Fill out the application form for Chanukah Across America HERE.