Do Your Research

Before you travel to a city with a sizable Jewish population, especially one with a rich Jewish history like Charleston, SC, research its history and its synagogues to better appreciate…

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Learn More

Read up on Torah scholars such as Rabbi Shimon Ben Gamliel to better appreciate their significant contribution to Jewish learning and leadership of the Jewish community.

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Make Sure to Verify

Before finalizing any deal or merger, learn as much as you can before taking the plunge and "signing on the dotted line."

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Lessons of History

Learn about the terrible challenges faced by maranos/annusim such as Dr. Roderigo Lopez, during the Middle Ages and be thankful that we are free to practice Judaism as we please.

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Know Your Sea Creatures

Study the Talmud to learn more about the Leviathan, the sea creature that was killed and preserved by God in salt for the righteous in the World to Come.

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Recognize the Good

Recognize how fortunate we are that for a people who had wandered stateless for so long, the establishment of the State of Israel and its Law of Return, affords every Jew in the world a…

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Hold on to Your Ballpoint

While it has become more common today to record your “to do” list on your smart phone, take a moment to marvel at the ingenuity of the ballpoint pen invented by Hungarian Jew, László…

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They Saved Lives

Learn more about Jewish researchers like Karl Landsteiner, Alexander Solomon Wiener and Philip Levine who made lifesaving blood transfusions possible.

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The Food We Eat

Reciting blessings over food provides us with an opportunity to think about the foods we eat and to be thankful that we have them.

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The Four New Years

THE FOUR NEW YEARS The Jewish New Year - We Jews are especially fortunate because the Jewish calendar has four different "New Years," each representing a different feature of the annual…

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The Three Weeks

July 9-30, 2020The Three WeeksThe Seventeenth of Tammuz marks the beginning of a period known as the “Three Weeks.” Exactly 21…

One Week From Now

Shabbat Across America and Canada will take place on March 4, 2011. Check here to find a participating location near you.

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Community Programs

Community Programs Sorry, we cannot ship to PO Boxes. Receive Rabbi Buchwalds weekly…

My NJOP Programs

My NJOP Programs Age Range18-2526-3546-5556-6565+ Identify…

Tammy Reid’s Sweet Challah

TraditionalSweet Challah Recipe submitted by Tammy Reid Ingredients: 6 cups flour 3 eggs 3 Tbsp honey 1/3 cup sugar 2…

High Holiday 101 Web Series

High Holiday 101Web Series NJOP’s High Holidays 101 web series features Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Founder and Director of…

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Rabbi Buchwald on Purim

Rabbi BuchwaldOn Purim Let Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Founder and Director of NJOP, take you through some of the essential…


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Crash Course in Basic Judaism Lecture Series

Crash Course in Basic Judaism Lecture Series NJOP Director Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald delivers this thought-provoking Crash…

Thank You

Thank You for Your Contribution! Explore NJOP Offer a Program or Class in Your CommunityMY…

Join Worldwide Jewry this Shabbat in Remembering the Victims in Pittsburgh

Join worldwide Jewry this Shabbat in remembering the victims in Pittsburgh. Participate this Shabbat in Jewish Federations of North America's “Solidarity Shabbat,” and online in…

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In honor of NJOP's 30th anniversary, please help support NJOP and Jewish Treats. Click Here

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For the Fast

Fast days such as today are meant for inspiring acts of teshuva (repentance). Think about how your actions may have affected other people and apologize or forgive if…

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One More Day

One more day until SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA AND CANADA, find out more here.

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Invite Your Friends

If you are already planning to attend a SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA AND CANADA program, invite some friends to join you.

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This Shabbat

Make plans to celebrate Shabbat in honor of Shabbat Across America and Canada.

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There are not too many cultures where people laugh when they are told to “shut up, please!” Yet, there are many Jews who, in that situation, do exactly that- laugh! In fact, anyone who…

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A Comforting Shabbat

Try to go to synagogue and hear the comforting words of the Haftarah of Shabbat Nachamu.

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Avinu – Our Father

One of the most common ways of addressing God in the Jewish liturgy is Avinu, our Father. By addressing God as Avinu, one can not only learn about humanity’s…

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