Parents are Teachers

The Parents Are Teachers (P.A.T.) initiative provides parents with a great opportunity to partake in up to nine fabulous free NJOP programs to help them become stronger Jewish role models for their children.

Parents are Teachers Programs

Whether your children are getting a basic Jewish education in Hebrew school or day school, the P.A.T. program will give you, the parent, the opportunity to send a powerful message to your children, namely that their Jewish education is important to you. Your example will help them realize the beauty of their Jewish heritage since you’ll be able to assist them as they grow.

If your children’s school is not offering a P.A.T. program, tell the principal to call NJOP. Or, better yet, call NJOP and we’ll contact the principal directly. You can also invite parents to free programs aimed at inspiring them and enabling them to be a part of their children’s Jewish education.

Support for Parents and Teachers

NJOP will support you with extremely helpful materials such as, videos and sample materials, to expand your child’s knowledge on their Jewish heritage. With the programs NJOP provides, there is a wide selection on different topics for your child to learn. The different levels of learning offered…