The seventh and final week of Sefirat Ha’Omer, the counting of the days between Passover and Shavuot, is dedicated to the Sephirah of Malchut – Kingship. (For an explanation of the sephirot, please click here).

If one envisions the world as ringed by the sephirot, then the sephirah of malchut is the one closest to the earth, because it is the one that channels and connects all the other sephirot between the human and the Divine. Without question, God is the King of kings. As the Creator of the world, He controls all aspects of life and utilizes all of the powers of the sephirot. Humanity’s job is to emulate God.

Each person must be the king/queen of his/her own world. People must treat their neighbors with compassion while at the same time maintain their own dignity. There are rules to be made and kindnesses to be performed. Even on the human level, a good king is one who is neither too strict nor too gentle. A good king strives to transform his dreams and goals into reality, while at the same time acknowledging the work of those around him and endeavoring to create a good world for future generations.

Through malchut, a person can begin to see in him/herself the reflections of the Divine and, at the same time, reflect that divinity into the world.

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