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Twebrew School

Twitter + Hebrew School = Twebrew School

NJOP decided to put a twist on Hebrew School by recreating it for the Twitter generation. With bite-sized (just over Twitter’s 140 character limit) lessons about each Hebrew letter and short YouTube videos with a real Hebrew School teacher, you can learn how to read Hebrew at your own comfortable pace. A great refresher for Hebrew Reading Crash Course Graduates!

Finding your way around Twebrew School
New to Twebrew School? Start by watching this introductory video where you’ll learn the How’s and Why’s of our Twebrew School approach!

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And receive a copy of our corresponding textbook, the Reishith Binah.

Video Lessons
Follow the links to the “Treat” where you’ll learn more about the letters discussed in each video.


Throughout Jewish history, Hebrew has been a connection between Jewish communities around the world. For many modern Jews, learning Hebrew is the first step to reconnecting with their roots.

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Hebrew Reading

NJOP has already taught more than 250,000 North American Jews how to read Hebrew through our innovative Hebrew Reading Crash Courses (HRCC).

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Hebrew Writing

NJOP’s Hebrew Writing Crash Course is specially developed to give students Hebrew writing skills while reinforcing previous reading lessons.

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Read Hebrew America and Canada (RHA/C) is NJOP’s continent-wide Hebrew literacy campaign to win back the hearts of North American Jews.

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