Chicago Torah Network

Chicago Torah Network

2832 West Touhy Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645

Contact Details

We Offer HHBS Because

People without extensive backgrounds are looking for a relevant and meaningful experience, with no synagogue membership required.

Service Leader

CTN Rabbis Moshe Katz and Doni Deutsch specialize in making Jewish learning and experience meaningful, relevant, inspiring and fun, for Jews of all backgrounds.

Service Type

Neither traditional Ashkenazi nor Sephardic, we discuss the meaning of select prayers.

High Holiday Beginners Service Cost

$72 {Children/Teens attend free)

Rosh Hashanah Schedule

Thursday, September 21, 10:30 AM


What to Expect:

We are the Home for The Wondering Jew.  This is not a complete service; we discuss the meaning of select prayers. The rabbis are very down to earth.

Who to Expect:

About 75 guests, Singles, Couples and Families mostly in their 20s through 50s

Other Details

  • Children above 12 welcome at service. Youth Program for ages 6-11
  • No dress code. Head coverings available. Tallit not required.
  • Wheelchair Accessible.
  • Every person is welcome.
  • A communal or High Holiday meal may be available to participants – prior notice required.
  • Contact with any questions, comments or concerns.
  • You will go home inspired, not tired!

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