Chanukah Across America Application

Either in a well-written, detailed paragraph or two or in a point-by-point outline (using points “a” through “f” listed below), please answer the following questions under “Application” below. Since this submission is necessary to win the $1,000, the more detail and particulars  provided in your plan, the better your chances will be.

a. Describe briefly the details of your plan to engage the Jews in your area to celebrate Chanukah on Tuesday night, December 19th. How will these people celebrate Chanukah that night? Are you running a Chanukah program (social or educational or otherwise), and will you be lighting Chanukah candles at your program? Are you asking people to engage through social media? The more creative the method of engagement, the better!
b. What is the goal of your program?
c. How do you plan on gathering data about the reach of your program?
d. What type of publicity will you be using?
e. Will there be an educational component to the program? If yes, what educational materials do you plan to use? We encourage you to use NJOP’s Chanukah Workshop and other provided programs.
f. Please detail how you plan to follow up with those who participate in your program.

* Required