“One who studies the Torah and teaches it in a place where there is no wise man is like the myrtle in the wilderness, which is precious” (Rosh Hashanah 23a).

Since the 1990s, the internet has drastically transformed the world of communication/information. Many religious leaders of all faiths were (and some still are) wary of this new form of information. And while there are, indeed, great hazards to be found on the internet, many have found it a “wilderness” in which they can make Judaism flourish.

For three and a half years, Jewish Treats has been striving to bring inspiration to Jews worldwide by highlighting Jewish law, history, legends and a miscellany of Jewish facts. Through the incredible power of the internet, Jews who have no personal community, as well as Jews who are very active in their own communities, feel more connected to their heritage.

Jewish Treats is published by the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP), whose non-denominational mission it is to bring positive, joyous Jewish experiences to Jews everywhere. Tonight, NJOP will be hosting its 18th Annual Dinner in order to raise the funds that are needed to continue to produce the excellent programming that it provides, free of charge, to synagogues and individuals across the denominational spectrum throughout North America and the world.

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As the Talmudic sage Ravina noted: “Whoever delights in teaching a multitude has an increase [in knowledge], which is to the same effect as what Rabbi [Judah the Prince] said: Much Torah have I learnt from my Masters, more from my fellow students and from my disciples most of all!” (Makkot 10a).

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