Staff Bios

Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald – Director

Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald is one of the leaders in the movement of Jewish return in America today. He has pioneered and developed many of the most dramatic and effective outreach programs in this country.

Ordained at Yeshiva University, where he was a student of Rabbi Dr. J. B. Soloveitchik, Rabbi Buchwald served from 1973 for 15 years as the Director of Education at Lincoln Square Synagogue in New York, which, during his tenure, became one of the largest and most successful centers for adult Jewish education programs in America. He also established and coordinated Lincoln Square’s celebrated outreach program. Since 1975, Rabbi Buchwald has led the now-renowned “Beginners Service,” a special Shabbat service for people with little or no synagogue experience.

In July of 1987, Rabbi Buchwald founded the National Jewish Outreach Program. NJOP sponsors the acclaimed SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA /CANADA and READ HEBREW AMERICA /CANADA campaigns, establishes Beginners Services and offers the TURN FRIDAY NIGHT INTO SHABBAT, PASSOVER ACROSS AMERICA and SUKKOT ACROSS AMERICA programs, as well as free “Crash Courses” in Hebrew Reading, Basic Judaism and Jewish History. These programs are now hosted by more than 5,054* locations across North America, and in 41* additional countries worldwide.

NJOP also has an extensive presence on the web. NJOP’s JewishTweets was the first Jewish presence on Twitter, and has become Twitter’s most highly-followed Jewish newswire, generating more than 450,000 impressions daily. Jewish Treats, NJOP’s enormously popular email, offers Juicy bits of Judaism, daily, on diverse Jewish topics. Through these much admired programs and the innovative Jewish consciousness-raising advertising campaigns, NJOP has successfully reached more than 1,645,654* North American Jews and engaged them in Jewish life.

In May 2001, Rabbi Buchwald was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Yeshiva University in recognition of his pioneering outreach work. He has been included in the Forward 50, a list of America’s 50 most influential Jews and Newsweek’s list of the top 50 Rabbis in America.

Rabbi Buchwald was Founding President of the Association for Jewish Outreach Professionals (AJOP). He lectures across the country and overseas, and leads experiential programs in cities throughout the world. He and his wife Aidel, reside in New York City, and are the proud parents of four children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Rabbi Buchwald may be reached at, or at 646-871-0012. His assistant, Jessica Kavesh, may be reached at

* figures as of 6/18


Beryl Levenson – Associate Director, Emeritus

After serving as NJOP’s Associate Director since its inception, Beryl Levenson is now operating primarily from Israel. She is still responsible for NJOP’s major mailings, and is always available to share her wealth of knowledge.


Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum – Associate Director Emeritus

Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum joined NJOP in 1989 and was responsible, until his retirement in 2012, for all aspects of the administration of NJOP’s many programs, advertising and public relations. Rabbi Rosenbaum currently resides in Israel.


Larry Greenman – Assistant Director

Larry Greenman has administrative responsibilities over all aspects of NJOP’s operation. He previously served as NJOP’s Program Director. Larry first joined NJOP in December 2000 as the organization’s Community Development and Outreach Coordinator and oversaw the expansion of NJOP’s program offerings. He has also been an active participant in NJOP’s foray into social media. Since joining NJOP, he has been involved in all aspects of NJOP’s programs and initiatives, helping synagogues and outreach centers build successful outreach infrastructures and spearheading many follow-up efforts.

Phone: 646-871-0113 email:


Rabbi Elly Krimsky – Program Director

Rabbi Elly Krimsky joined NJOP as Program Director in February 2012 and oversees the planning, execution, reporting and maintenance of NJOP’s campaigns and programs. In addition to the READ HEBREW AMERICA AND CANADA and SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA AND CANADA campaigns, he leads a team of regional coordinators who promote and guide the thousands of locations that annually offer NJOP’s acclaimed free programs. He brings a wealth of experience working with rabbis all over the world from Yeshiva University’s Rabbinic Placement office.

Phone: 646-871-4444 x24 email:


Florence Wiener – Hebrew Language Coordinator

Florence Wiener has been with the National Jewish Outreach Program since 1988, teaching Hebrew and creating methods of teaching which have been replicated and used not only by the 4,775 locations which offer NJOP classes, but are also sought by Day Schools and Hebrew Schools for their students.

Phone: 646-871-0005 email:


Levon Arutyunov – Database Manager

Levon Arutyunov is NJOP’s Database Manager and is responsible for maintaining and updating NJOP’s fundraising database. He also provides support for NJOP’s Special Events and all other database requirements.




Rivka Bornstein — Production Coordinator

Rivka Bornstein’s position at NJOP encompasses everything to do with shipping, mailing and production, overseeing the copying and shipping of tens of thousands of letters, packages, pamphlets, schedules, invitations and tapes each year.

Phone: 646-871-444 x49 email:


Amy Gugig – Director of Information Systems and Technology

Amy Gugig has been with the organization since 1995 and is responsible for NJOP’s internal computer operations, office technology and the NJOP website.



Susanne Goldstone Rosenhouse – Social Media Coordinator

Susanne Goldstone Rosenhouse came to NJOP in 2004 as a Program Coordinator, where she was the point person for rabbis and synagogues in 32 states and gained extensive knowledge of the United States’ Jewish communal landscape. In 2008, she took on the role of Social Media Coordinator for NJOP and has helped transform their social media platform into one of the go-to places for Jewish education and experiences on the social web. She manages all of NJOP’s social media initiatives including JewishTweets (the #1 Jewish Lifestyle Twitterfeed), the Jewish Treats Facebook Page, Pinterest Boards and YouTube Channel. Susanne is also the Web Editor.



Sarah Rochel Hewitt – Publications

Sarah Rochel Hewitt joined the staff of NJOP in November 1999 and has taken on the responsibility of both publications and in-house graphic design. In addition to creating (writing, editing, layout, design) the varied newsletters of the National Jewish Outreach Program and much of NJOP’s recent promotional material, Sarah Rochel has produced the Crash Course in Basic Judaism Companion Guide, the Crash Course in Jewish Holidays and additional educational material on the NJOP website, a Chanukah Workshop Discussion Guide, Shalom Aleichem Discussion Guide and Aishet Chayil Study Guide, the Crash Course in Jewish History and its Companion Guide and additional projects that are constantly in the works. Sarah Rochel also writes and edits the highly acclaimed Jewish Treats email and blog.



Jessica Kavesh–Assistant to the Director

Jessica Kavesh has been with NJOP since September 2008. Originally hired as an administrative assistant, she previously served as Donor Registrar and is currently Assistant to Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, NJOP’s Director. As his assistant, she is responsible for the daily management of Rabbi Buchwald’s office and is the liaison to Lincoln Square Synagogue.

Phone: 646-871-0012 email:


Naomi Robin – Regional Program Coordinator

Naomi Robin, NJOP’s Regional Program Coordinator, is the contact person for rabbis and coordinators in 20 US states and Canada. Naomi is there to answer any questions about NJOP programs and is also responsible for providing her locations with their required course materials and processing their student lists.

Phone: 646-871-4444, ext. 30 email:


Freeda Rudman – Senior Coordinator

Freeda Rudman has been with NJOP since December 2000. After many years as Rabbi Buchwald’s assistant, she assumed the position of Senior Coordinator in 2012. As Senior Coordinator, she is responsible for implementing and maintaining office protocols and procedures, managing the timeline of projects, maintaining NJOP’s calendar, proofreading materials for print, email and the web, and is NJOP’s liaison with print and mailing houses.

Phone: 646-871-4444 email:


Lea Schulman – Regional Program Coordinator

Lea Schulman is also one of NJOP’s Regional Program Coordinators and acts as the contact person for rabbis and coordinators in 12 states. Lea is there to answer any questions about NJOP programs and is also responsible for providing her locations with their required course materials and processing their student lists.

Phone: 646-871-4444, ext. 35


Gavriella Lerner – Regional Program Coordinator

Gavriella Lerner, NJOP’s Regional Program Coordinator, is the contact person for rabbis and coordinators in 19 states. Gavriella is there to answer any questions about NJOP programs and is also responsible for providing her locations with their required course materials and processing their student lists.

Phone: 646-871-4444, ext. 32 email: