Shabbat Across America and Canada Information

On Friday night, March 9, 2018, hundreds of synagogues across the continent will take part in an historic national Jewish event to celebrate what unifies all Jews — Shabbat! Everyone is invited… singles, couples, families — all ages.

“Turn an ordinary Friday night into something extraordinary!”

That’s the magic of Shabbat Across America and Shabbat Across Canada. By participating in this continent wide event, you will not only have the opportunity to experience Shabbat, but you will be sharing your experience with tens of thousands of Jews across North America.

No matter what your affiliation or which Shabbat Across America or Shabbat Across Canada location you choose to attend, NJOP’s annual Shabbat program will give you a “taste” of Shabbat. Explanatory services, traditional rituals, delicious meals and lively discussions are all important components of the Shabbat experience. as well as the opportunity to spend the evening with like-minded people, friends and family.

Shabbat Across America or Shabbat Across Canada is for every Jew, and those who are unable to go to a registered location can participate in their own homes or in gatherings with friends/family.

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1) Shabbat Across America and Canada
The original unity Shabbat program, Shabbat Across America and Canada is a synagogue-based program that encourages synagogue/Jewish center members to invite their friends, neighbors and co-workers to participate in a joyous Shabbat meal and experience.

2) CommUNITY Shabbat Across America and Canada

CommUNITY Shabbat Across America and Canada requires multiple organizations in one city to work together to create a local unified Shabbat Across America and Canada, Friday night program.

3) Shabbat Across America At Home

NJOP’s Shabbat Across America At Home was designed for Jews who wish to participate in Shabbat Across America and Canada but cannot, or prefer not to, attend a communal location. The At Home materials provide participants with the guidelines for creating a beautiful Friday night experience in their own homes. For the Shabbat Across America At Home registration, please click here.

Want to Attend Shabbat Across America and Canada?

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Want to host Shabbat Across America and Canada?

If you are a rabbi or synagogue lay leader and want to learn how to sign up your congregation for Shabbat Across America, click here.

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