Read Hebrew America and Canada

Every Fall, tens of thousands of Jewish adults gather in hundreds of locations across North America to learn to read Hebrew — the language that unites us all! READ HEBREW AMERICA is the ideal way to learn how to follow synagogue services, to be more involved in your children’s Jewish education, or simply to enhance your own ties to Judaism. These five FREE hour and a half lessons are available for beginners and intermediates. This year, classes will be starting sometime between September 4-December 23, 2016.

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About Read Hebrew America and Canada

1. What Is Read Hebrew America/Canada?

2. How Is The Hebrew Reading Class Scheduled?

3. What Is The Cost?

4. How Do I Register?

5. Who Can Participate In RHA/C?

6. Will I Learn To Speak Hebrew?

7. Will I Be Learning Biblical Or Modern Hebrew?

8. When Will The Class Be Offered Again?

9. If I Miss A Class, Can I Still Attend?

10. What If The Class Is Too Fast Or I Need More Time?

11. I Can’t Get To A Class, Can I Do It At Home?

  1. Reishith Binah Hebrew Primer* ($5) The Reishith Binah Hebrew primer used in the Hebrew Reading Crash Course is available for purchase. We recommend that you buy it in conjunction with the:
  2. Hebrew Reading Crash Course Read-along Tape ($7) Learning to read Hebrew without hearing the language is extremely difficult. This read-along tape will facilitate correct pronunciation.

* The Reishith Binah is also available in: Russian and Spanish

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