Full-Length Beginners Services

Good news! This Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, approximately 2 million American Jews will attend High Holiday Services. Unfortunately, many more will not… Why?

With this in mind, NJOP has designed a special “High Holiday Beginners Service” .

This exciting service for novice worshipers has been test-marketed in synagogues throughout the country. Sponsoring congregations have attracted as many as 600 attendees and as few as 20, but all have met with resounding success. Some participants come with their families, others with their friends…still others come alone. They come because they know their questions are welcome. They come because they sincerely want to understand and to participate. And since everyone attending is there to learn, no one feels inadequate or intimidated. And many keep coming back. We hope you will be one of the many participants in our High Holiday Beginners Service this year.

Samples of flyers to promote your program

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Call 1-800-44 Torah to find out how to run High Holiday Beginners Services at your location. Or click here to have us contact you.

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